Deeply Beautiful Book

I love books that speak directly to children- not beneath them, not over their heads to entertain adults but directly to the child. I just read From My Window, an own voices story in captivating picture book form, to my five year old and three year old. It was my first time reading this newly released book by Brazilian author, Otavio Junior. Three quarters of the way through From My Window, my 5 year old sighed loudly- not a bored sigh but a wow sigh. Then, he got up and walked away. Confused and without looking up I said, "Come back. It isn't finished." Since my 3 year old was turning the page, urging me on, I continued reading. I glanced up a couple pages later and saw my 5yo pressed against the window looking with intensity. Returning to the book, I turned to the last page and read, "What do you see from your window?" My turn to sigh loudly... and smile.

I was so immersed in the author's world that I did not immediately connect it to mine, but my kiddo already understood where the book was going before it ended. What an unexpected and precious reminder of how thoughtful  children's literature can open a window to the world. The precious bonus gift is that witnessing a child's experience can broaden our perspective too.

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