Treasured Titles

I confess. I am an incorrigible bibliophile. Nearly every room in our house has a bookcase spilling over with books. There are many literary treasures on those shelves. But I have come to realize recently, that there are also a fair amount of junk titles. You know the books associated with a children’s TV show or movie that our children are drawn to in the store. We acquiesce and buy them to encourage reading, but they are not the title we are excited to pull off the shelf nor do we feel that there is a lasting benefit to reading them.  There are even some popular children’s books that I think that I am supposed to love (I won’t name names), but I loathe reading. In the interest of minimizing to gain maximum joy, my goal is to line my shelves only with the treasure and purge the rest. I have recently found a treasure trove of titles in Barefoot Books. Their thoughtful stories, beautiful illustrations and memorable educational elements have made them instant treasures in my house.

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