from our customers

"The dress is of the highest quality and looks terrific on my niece. Spectacular fabric and design. I am so glad I have found your website."- Marcia, an aunt and mom

  • "My daughters LOVE LOVE LOVE the Always Skirts and get compliments all the time on how beautiful they are (the skirts, too  The fabrics and design are so comfortable and come in handy for travel (two outfits in one). The fabrics and colors stay new and vibrant after many washings, so they will last for many, many years. We will be collecting more soon!" -Tricia, a mom

  • "[the skirts] are a big hit!"- Denise, a grandmother

  • "These dresses & skirts are simply gorgeous. Wonderful, handmade designs that truly hold their own with my busy daughter. They wash really well & are perfect for fancy occasions or playground playdates. I really love that you can reverse them for two looks or one... or when an unexpected spill occurs! We have several i am naturals designs (dresses, ties, skirts) and are true fans of this wonderful and innovative company. Can't wait to get our hands on the new line!"- Marta, a mom.

  • "The Everything Dress was a big hit for our 4 year old granddaughter- who wore it for days straight. Thanks!- Sally, a grandmother

  • "I love i am... naturals clothes! I have bought 2 of the skirts and I sent a dress to a friend of mine! The clothes are GREAT quality and my daughter loves them! My daughter is wearing the skirt she got on Saturday for the 2nd day in a row! She loves it!"- Fiona, a mom

  • "[my] 3 1/2 year old loves her dress!"- Elissa, a mom