i am... outgoing & thoughtful
i am... outgoing & thoughtful
i am... outgoing & thoughtful

i am... outgoing & thoughtful


The Everything Dress

  • Reversible
  • Multi-Size
  • Multi- Season
  • Multi-Occasion
  • Multitudes of FUN!

Our Size Guide will help you choose the perfect size.

Side A has an outgoing elegance. 

Side B  is a thoughtful tone on tone charcoal grey.

Both sides have a sweet elephant hiding in the otherwise sophisticated trellis. 

  • Reversible: The Everything Dress is two dresses in one. You get two beautiful, original pieces for the price of one. Designed in complementary colors you can even make quick and easy wardrobe changes when those occasional spills happen.  Reversible fabrics ensure that your child is always picture perfect!
  • Multi-Size: 2 sizes as a dress and the promise to wear it as a tunic style shirt for even longer. Accent knots in the straps allow the dress to be adjusted so that you can create the ideal fit for your child. 
  • Ideal for any occasion from fancy parties to everyday play dates. 
  • Any season: Wear it alone in the spring and summer.  In cooler months, it can be worn over long sleeves or layered with a sweater.
  • Pockets will delight a child as she finds a place to fidget her busy hands and a safe spot to place her treasure for later.
  • Supreme Comfort: Soft cotton, no annoying seams, no itchy tags

Soft, natural and comfortable 100% woven Cotton

Easy Care: Machine Wash and Tumble Dry

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