i am... loyal and true
i am... loyal and true
i am... loyal and true

i am... loyal and true


The Organic Always Skirt

  • i am… naturals revolutionary design.
  • The skirt she always wants to wear and always fits. 
  • Designed to be perfectly twirly!

See our size guide to choose the perfect size.

Side A has the loyal whimsy of bold daisies

Side B  is a beautiful true blue trellis with flowers.


This skirt is perfect for 4th of July and all year long.


·        Reversible: The Always Skirt is two skirts in one. You get two beautiful, original pieces for the price of one. Designed in complementary colors you can even make quick and easy wardrobe changes when those occasional spills happen.  Reversible fabrics ensure that your child is always picture perfect!


·        Multi-Size: Our unique adjustable snap waist design allows the Always Skirt to fit for 4 sizes or more!


·        Ideal for any occasion from backyard twirling to a matinee at the ballet.


·        Any season: Wear it alone in the spring and summer.  In cooler months, it pairs perfectly with tights or leggings.


·        Supreme Comfort: Soft cotton, no annoying seams, no itchy tags


Soft, natural and comfortable 100% Organic woven Cotton

Easy Care: Machine Wash and Tumble Dry